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Better Help Tools, Better Features, Better Data & Better

By Sahana Murthy on September 19, 2019 · How-To

Howdy people of Landgrid & soon to be people of Landgrid!

If you have been following us these past few months, you know that we have been adding lots of improvements & new functionality to our suite of products.

Our most recent updates were the USPS - Vacancy & residential data that we added both to our bulk parcel dataset & to our Landgrid Mapping Platform.

Along the lines of making our platform better & easier to use & navigate, we recently conducted a UX study with a host of new users, power users & GIS users to understand how usable our product is.

A direct result of that are the new help tools to navigate & manage your projects better on the Landgrid platform. We have always had help tools & documentation on our platform. 

But with these tooltips, we want to take things a step further to make your experience go smoother on the platform. We essentially want to make sure that you have the tools you need to make the most out of our fully loaded site & mainly so you never feel lost on how to use the platform.

The best thing about these help tools are that they are available to you, at all times on demand! You can toggle to turn them on when you need help navigating the site & turn them when you don’t.

Apart from the help tools, we have added some other functionality into the platform that are also a direct result of us listening to our customers. We took many of your requests and incorporated some of there here. I know there are many more requests & rest assured - We will get to them & add those to our product roadmap in the coming months.

So here’s a quick snapshot into everything that we have added to the platform to make it more usable:

1. Onboarding Tooltips:

  • To turn on tooltips, you can select “Show Help” on the left hand panel or under the “?” icon drop down and it will instantly bring up the tips for each of our many features. 

  • Click on the “?” on the tip and it will open up a window describing the feature to you, along with links to the relevant articles on our product documentation for a deeper dive into the feature.

  • To turn the tooltips off, simple select “Hide Help” on the left hand panel, or on the tooltip window itself or under the “?” drop down. 
  • OR Simple press the escape key “esc” on your keyboard to exit the help tools.

2. Project Settings:

  • We heard you! We’ve had users asking for an easy way to manage & edit projects from one central location. You can now do that from your dashboard page.
  • Select “Actions” drop down as shown below and you should be able to edit project settings, delete, import or export straight from the Dashboard.
  • We also added “Date Created” and datasets associated with your project to your dashboard. So now you can see all the details that you need to know about your projects right here

3. Printable PDF’s of parcel page & attributes:

  • We work with a lot of landbanks & municipalities and they have been asking us to build a way to print individual parcel records or survey records  as PDF’s.
  • And now its available on!
  • How to access it, you ask? Easy - Navigate & zoom into the parcel you want to print.
  • When the parcel page loads up, click on the “Actions” dropdown and you will see 3 options there:
    • Bookmark - Which is now part of the dropdown.
    • Print - To print the entire parcel record as a PDF
    • Add Post - If your project is part of a survey, you can use the “Add Post” function to update the information for this parcel.

        The resulting Parcel PDF looks like this:

4. Few other improvements:

  • We are in the process of adding building footprints to our data & as a map layer on our platform. We want to give you a teaser of what that would look like. For Pro & above users, go to “Layers” & select Ohio Buildings and you can see the building footprints render on the map. Soon we will have this available nationwide.
  • “Esc” key can be used to turn off some of our other features as well - like the draw & measure tool. This was a request from one of our users & we made it happen.
  • Better accessibility on the platform - Turning on & off of layers & bounds is more intuitive & usable now. 

Well… That’s a lot of work & improvements from our team. Kudos to our amazing CTO Larry Sheradon & our data team for keeping us on our toes & making sure that we are constantly improving! 

We are not done yet! There is more coming in 2019 & stay tuned with us to learn more!


Ohio Counties - Vacancy Data

By Sahana Murthy on September 18, 2019 · Democratizing Data

Ever wondered how many properties in your OH county are vacant and/or are residential & vacant? 

Here's a quick snapshot of the top OH counties & its vacancy data:


Download the full spreadsheet of this vacancy data here.



Introducing Nationwide Residential & Vacancy Data on

By Sahana Murthy on September 3, 2019 · Announcements

We’ve got a big new update for you. Like, a REALLY BIG one!!!

Launching today, Nationwide USPS Residential & Vacancy Data!
We have integrated a powerful nationwide vacancy dataset from the United States Postal Service.

Now you can easily see vacant properties of any zoning type in any neighborhood or city, as well as all residential properties regardless of vacancy.

We've built this powerful dataset from United States Postal Service data, and we'll be updating it frequently throughout the year.
The data is available on our platform right now for Pro and Enterprise customers, so you can visit to check it out. If you don't have a Pro account yet you can sign up here. The data can also be licensed for use outside of our website in your own app or database.

We're excited to provide this vacancy data nationwide at the parcel level, something that to our knowledge has not been done before. While aggregated USPS vacancy data is a widely-accepted indicator and has been used in academic studies and research since at least 2010, there has rarely been a way to crack that data open and see how those aggregations have been made, or how reliable the data is.
While we know that the data is not perfect - and we hope that you get in touch with us to share your findings, so we can refine this dataset going forward - the Loveland team feels that this is an important tool for our friends and partners to have, and a revolutionary step forward in understanding the property dynamics in our communities. 

Visit the USPS data page on our website or read on below -

What does this mean for each one of our solutions, you ask???

Landgrid Mapping Platform - Pro & Enterprise
If you’re a Pro or Enterprise member of you now have an easy way to see all residential parcels, nationwide, as well as an indicator of vacancy across all parcels that have buildings, whether they’re residential, commercial, or industrial.

This is data we’ve cleaned, organized, and integrated from the US Postal Service to make it our own and bring it to life for you with our other parcel data.

It means that you can now go to your city or the places you’re interested in and use the Filter function to show all residential properties and/or Filter to show all vacant buildings, alone or in combination with any other characteristic you’re looking for.

Surveying Vacant Properties with the Landgrid App:
And for those of you who work on tracking and addressing vacant property in your cities, you can now load the vacant properties into a survey so you can quickly visit and document them in the field. 
Check out our USPS Data Page to learn how to load vacant properties onto your app for surveying - &

This is all now completely live on, and we’re excited to show it off at the upcoming Ohio Land Bank Conference in Cincinnati where our CEO, Jerry Paffendorf, will be giving a keynote presentation, and at the Center for Community Progress’ Reclaiming Vacant Property Conference in Atlanta where Jerry will be on a panel.

If you don’t have a Landgrid Pro account yet you can sign up here for only $10/month or $100/year.
If you or your organization are working on a project that needs support, multiple users, or custom work from our team, check out our Enterprise offerings here which typically range from $10,000 and up depending on your needs.

Landgrid Parcel Data:
This data can also be licensed for use in your own system along with our other nationwide parcel data. Write to us at if you are interested.

Note: All data has limitations and imperfections, but this is an incredible dataset for you to make use of.  So please be aware that there might be some discrepancies with this data occasionally. 
Some of the limitations and imperfections here include not yet being able to match every address to every parcel perfectly; the vacancy indicator may apply to one or a few units within an otherwise occupied multi-unit dwelling; you are asked not to use the data for direct mail commercial marketing campaigns, and the USPS data will not download in a CSV export for Pro customers. (though after you Filter you can export a CSV of those properties minus the USPS column). 
Learn more about this data & its limitations here

We will be working to ground-truth and improve the accuracy of this data moving forward. If you have observations about the USPS data in your area which you'd like to share with us in an effort to refine and improve the information, please contact Nick:

Those things aside and in mind, this is a huge leap for parcel-kind!
While standardized nationwide zoning is hard, you now have a uniform nationwide indicator of what is residential (alongside of the other local zoning information we have). Similarly, while understanding nationwide vacancy is hard, you now have an out-of-the-box solution to understand the scale of potential vacancy and jumpstart your planning processes.

Please parcel responsibly, and reach out to us at if we can do anything for you.


Happy Mapping!

Sahana Murthy

GM, Loveland Technologies

ThinkData Announces New Data Partnership with Loveland Technologies

By Sahana Murthy on August 28, 2019 · Announcements

Partnership to provide nationwide parcel data through ThinkData Works’ data marketplace!!!

TORONTO, ON - Aug 28, 2019 — ThinkData Works, Inc. (ThinkData) has brokered a data partnership with Loveland Technologies ( to make detailed information on over 144 million parcels available through the Namara Data Marketplace, enabling high-accuracy analysis and visualizations. 

Loveland Technologies is based in Detroit, Michigan, and works with governments, developers, neighbourhood groups and individuals to present property information in clear, actionable ways. By connecting to parcel data from thousands of counties across the United States and standardizing the output to a common feed, Loveland has developed a best-in-class parcel database that covers over 95% of the US population and 3200 counties.

  • 144 million parcels and counting of parcel shapes, ownership & assessments
  • USPS residential & vacancy data
  • 2661 active counties
  • 2,163 counties with ownership data
  • 2,408 counties with address data

Loveland Technologies Logo


Loveland works with professionals in multiple industries and areas of focus, including GIS and geocoding, energy and infrastructure, real estate and site selection, conservation and agriculture, insurance and disaster relief, machine learning and modelling, and education and policy. Accessing quality data about the underlying land grid of parcel shapes, ownership, and assessments is fundamental to all businesses and research projects that rely on property and spatial information.

“Everything that isn’t a street or a sidewalk exists on a parcel of land with a legal shape, address or ID, owner, and other fundamental property characteristics. brings truly comprehensive nationwide land parcel data to a wider audience by being friendlier and more affordable than people are used to finding, without sacrificing quality and innovation,” says Loveland Technologies CEO Jerry Paffendorf. “Our channel partnership with ThinkData Works will help us reach even more people and companies who want to put this foundational dataset to work for their customers and communities.”

Lewis Wynne-Jones, Head of Data Acquisition for ThinkData, says, “ThinkData’s background in open data means we’ve seen a lot of parcel data from counties across the US. We knew at the time that there was a massive opportunity for someone to gather this data together and turn it into an actionable product. The product that Loveland has put together makes this data easily accessible for the first time.” 

About ThinkData Works
ThinkData Works, Inc. (ThinkData) is a Toronto-based company founded in 2014. ThinkData created Namara - a data management platform that enables businesses to access, manage, enhance, and integrate data in order to develop new products and gain insight. Built for data professionals, Namara is a data refinery for the enterprise, designed to let organizations and individuals access high-value data in standard formats. To learn more, please visit Namara and follow us @ThinkDataWorks and on LinkedIn.

About Loveland Technologies
Loveland Technologies is one of the leading providers of nationwide parcel data covering 95% of the American population and across all 50 states. We tirelessly assemble and refresh a nationwide dataset of more than 144 million parcel boundaries and records covering 95% of Americans, and weave it all into a standardized format that makes it easy to work with. 
We are very transparent with our data sources & parcel currency and only acquire data straight from local counties & public data sources.