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Mid Year Update - Data, Platform & Content

By Sahana Murthy on June 10, 2020 · Announcements

Just like that, we are at the halfway mark of a year defined by world-changing events from COVID-19 to massive demonstrations against racial injustice, and there are still six months and a US Presidential election left in 2020.

With all the intensity and uncertainty in the world, we are keeping the June update short & sweet, though please know that if our data can help you with COVID research or efforts to root out injustice in property policies you should reach out to talk (we are members of the *SafeGraph COVID-19 Data Consortium* and working on reforms to issues like * Detroit’s destructive tax foreclosure policies* remains an abiding interest as it has for years).

Let’s dive right into it then:

Product Updates:

3. US Virgin Islands - We were finally & magically able to add US virgin islands parcel data to our dataset, mapping platform and the data store. We added updated Puerto Rico data too last month. Lots more of the missing counties in our dataset will be coming soon. You can check out the US Virgin Islands on our data store if you are interested -

2. Print PDF for Landgrid Pro - We recently added the “Print PDF Map” & "Print Parcel" feature to our Landgrid Pro subscription tier. So all Landgrid Pro users can now not only look up individual parcel information but can also print parcel info as a PDF & print the map you are viewing as well. 

Not using Landgrid Pro yet? You can sign up here -

3. Upcoming updates - We have a lot of things brewing currently. So stay tuned with us for updates on our:

  • Landgrid Mobile App
  • Landgrid Tileserver
  • Key partnerships

And… Much more!

Content Updates:

We have been keeping good on our promise to you for 2020 - more tutorials and product content. Here’s what’s coming next and what we published recently:

The Talking Grid Webcasts:

1. CARTO & Data with Javier Pérez Trufero We had an amazing webcast last week with CARTO’s Head of Data - Javier Pérez Trufero about all things CARTO, location data & its relevance during COVID-19 and much much more.

Watch the full episode here -

2. Upcoming - A live “The Talking Grid” webcast with our customers at Pivvot on June 26th - Register to save your spot here -

Pivvot has curated a massive database of environmental, land, social and other location information – and we make it easy to access, interpret and share. Used by engineering firms, energy and transportation companies, we turn data into insights by delivering preferred routes, navigating regulatory and environmental issues, reducing risk, and providing detailed location-based awareness.

Webcasts & podcasts: 
It’s podcast & webcast season at LOVELAND. We have a host of amazing events lined up for you. 

1. CEO, Jerry Paffendorf recently joined the wonderful folks at Dynamo Metrics on their hosted podcast - “Ahead of the curve” - Listen to the fin conversation where Jerry talks about the history of parcels, the fight against blight in Detroit and the current state of the world and the company -

2. Upcoming - Listen to Jerry’s wise words on the Mapscaping podcast later this month. The link will be shared as soon as the podcast's schedule is made available to us.

People of Landgrid:

Lastly, we will leave you with 2 incredible journeys & stories with our People of Landgrid articles - 

1. Michele Oberholtzer - Director of Tax Foreclosure Prevention at UCHC, in our latest POL story. A former Lovelander and now an activist for tax foreclosure prevention! A truly inspiring story.

2. Anne Wistow & Stephanie Shackelford - Lucas County Land Bank, Toledo, OH

Anne is the VP of projects planning and Stephanie is the projects manager at the LCLB and together their mission is to strengthen neighborhoods and preserve property values. It's wonderful to see the work they have done in Toledo and the impact it has had on the property landscape there.

That’s the update for this month.
We will be back next month with bigger & better updates. 
Until then, be well, stay safe.


Happy Mapping!

- Sahana Murthy